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Die Antwoord is Zef-Rap

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February 8th, 2010

0241 585x390 Die Antwoord is Zef RapDie Antwoord is a Zef-Rap act from Cape Town, South Africa consisting primarily of three members, Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek. Prepare your self for something that you’ve never seen and heard before. These guys are true to their roots and confusing as fuck! But I like it. Your first impressions are probably not going to be good, unless you are into crazy shit and I really mean crazy shit. But to be honest with you after the dust of your shock settles you might start seeing the beauty in their music, image and style. I have. [ Continue Reading ]

Black Noise – Jackin My Fresh ( feat. Lex One )

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December 15th, 2009

l 14463ac34735411280911a7b5bd680dc 400x400 Black Noise   Jackin My Fresh ( feat. Lex One )Black Noise is a hip hop group hailing from Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2001 they released an album called Circles of Fire. It is an ode to Capoeira, the martial art of Brazilian slaves; the ‘circle of fire’ is the sacred space in which this martial art is performed. [ Continue Reading ]

Ghost Orphans

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AE Paulino
November 18th, 2009

the rendezvous 519x400 Ghost Orphans

Her paintings are silent. That seems the only place I could begin when describing Candice Tripp’s art. [ Continue Reading ]

Sacha Waldman Inspires You

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October 24th, 2009

sacha waldman photography 2 600x397 585x387 Sacha Waldman Inspires You

You are looking through the eyes of a South African photographer Sacha Waldman. Based in New York, the images he produces are simply amazing in every sense of the word and the best of it all… He never took a photography/film class in his life. Sometimes it takes him more than a week to work on an image. “You create a look that turns you on….and you move from there.” [ Continue Reading ]

Henrik Purienne Gets It Right

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May 23rd, 2009

henrik purienne4 Henrik Purienne Gets It Right

I’ve never been able to find fault with beautiful women in little or no clothing. I assume South African, fashion-photographer, Henrik Purienne, agrees as that seems to be where his camera is most often pointed. [ Continue Reading ]