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Skulls=Art ?

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December 10th, 2009

skull1 418x400 Skulls=Art ?It never ceases to amaze me what a person can do with a blog and an idea.  Take Noah Scalin for instance.  A guy who just one day decided because of his love for skulls that he was going to dedicate a blog to them.  And I’m just not talking about writing about skulls and how much he loves their smooth, placid shape, but actually creating them with his own two hands.  Yes, that’s right.  Mr. Scalin has taken his love for skulls and made them into internet art. [ Continue Reading ]

Skull Camera

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May 24th, 2009

yama front 300x400 Skull Camera

Yes, this is a real camera, made out of a real human skull. Boy of Blue designed it for research, but I think its creepy. [ Continue Reading ]