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2 In 1 Shoe

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November 11th, 2008

nat 2 shoes 81208 1 390x300 2 In 1 Shoe 

Nat -2 have designed these really cool shoes, in my opinion. At first you see a regular like sneaker, but once you unzip you will find a pair of slippers. They come in 20 different colors but are only avialbe in UK for now at $90 and are already sold out. Here is a short comercial to watch how cool these shoes are:

0 2 In 1 Shoe

Krispy Kreme Makes Flip Flops

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July 31st, 2008

Do you hate the feeling of sitting the office all day? Well now you can wear, the world’s first flip flops made out of grass. Yes real grass,  and yes made by a donut company. They take three weeks to grow after you water them, and if  give them some TLC they can last you up  to four months.  Too bad they are only being given out in UK and FREE, but hopefully soon they’ll come to us.

krispykreme grassflipflops Krispy Kreme Makes Flip Flops

Painted Shoes – Temptu Paints

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May 28th, 2008

picture51 Painted Shoes   Temptu PaintsEver wanted to come into the office barefoot, but cant due to strict HR rules? Well there is an alternative for you out there… Temptu Paints is a New York City-based company specializes in airbrush make-up, temporary tattoos, body art and special effects makeup. Check out their work at

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