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Dreaming in Legos with Nathan Sawaya,ya………ya

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March 17th, 2010

green Dreaming in Legos with Nathan Sawaya,ya.........yaLegos. Legos. Legos. Legos. Yes. Yes. The pinnacle of childhood joy. There was nothing quite like building something in wonderful colours, then placing it somewhere everyone could see. Then SMASHING IT! Then picking up the pieces of such a catastrophe. Then creating something totally different based on your little childish imagination. Sure it wasn’t so awesome without any instructions to help you. But it was your creation GOD DAMNIT! Remember when you were asked: “What do you wanna do when you get older little Tommy?” “Why I want to make legos” You’d answer in a cute voice. And they’d all laugh. Belittling your dreams. The bastards……. [ Continue Reading ]