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Roll over Red Rover!

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December 3rd, 2009

149698 Fetch 2 SOLD in Paris Roll over Red Rover!It’s official.  My love of all things puppies has been solidified by artist Robert Bradford!  Born in London, England and obtaining a B.A in painting at Ravensbourne College of Art in Kent and an M.A. in Film at the Royal College of Art, London, Bradford discovered his knack for creating sculptures out of odds and ends when he found a box of his children’s discarded toys in his studio. The toys themselves interest me in their own right as mini sculptures by unknown and uncredited artists. Mostly I use the toys abstractly as forms with which to build muscle bone or internal or external organs but all types of human pursuits can be referred to and represented through them – things loved or hated – things used and carried as tools etc etc.-Robert Bradford [ Continue Reading ]