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Sebastian Onufszak: In Graphics We Trust

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May 4th, 2010

sebastian2 309x400 Sebastian Onufszak: In Graphics We Trust

There is one word to describe German artist Sebastian Onufszak: Amazing.

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Red Bull Energy Shots

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January 23rd, 2009

red bull energy shots Red Bull Energy Shots

Well now, look at here, Red Bull recently introduced Energy Shots.  Pretty much the same energy punch you would get in a reguar small can, just in a smaller bottle.  So, smaller bottle, same energy punch, what the fuck is the difference? Might look cooler, or the taste more tolerable since there is less of it.  I am just glad to know that folks at Red Bull are hard at work in minimizing the substance and strengething its effect.  Maybe eventually they will create a powder that we can sniff, call it Red Yayo or something, either way I can’t wait!