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Kicking Back with The Kinks

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March 18th, 2010

Kinks Kicking Back with The KinksHere’s the story about a sinner. He used to be a winner. And everything else you know that makes you wanna drink. And since summer is going to hit us soon. Well we better get ready for extended nights out on the town. And you now what you should listen to when pounding back a few with your friends while jumping from bar to bar…….. [ Continue Reading ]

cristy c. road: drawings and shit

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January 8th, 2010

croadcore 392x399 cristy c. road: drawings and shit

When describing Cristy C. Road’s work, my friend said, “…its like she does a lot of speed and draws for days on end. Just of, like, her friends and shit.” And, so, of course, I was hooked. I dove into her famous zine Green’Zine and read both her graphic novels, INDESTRUCTIBLE and BAD HABITS. Then I showed them to all my hardestcore metal comic geek friends… and even they liked her!
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