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Gadget Alert! Maptor

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September 10th, 2009

maptor 1 297x400 Gadget Alert! Maptor

Ok, so my immediate reaction was whaaaaat? The Velociraptor of Maps? Badass! Well, it is no where near as deadly as a prehistoric dinosaur but it is just as cool. A handheld map that projects onto any surface for any “in a pinch” direction needs.

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Introducing… The iPhone Killer

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April 20th, 2009

pomegranate phone open dl 585x365 Introducing... The iPhone KillerIt’s fairly rare when you find a device that suits all your needs… Even though my iPhone comes close, still there are things its missing. Well the wait is no longer, introducing Pomegranate Phone! A mobile phone that pretty much can do it all and more. A shaver, projector, coffee maker, harmonica and a global voice translator all in one. Finally we have reached a point in our technological breakthroughs when this is possible. The product is available right now for purchase from The Pomegranate Phone Website, I can wait to get one… [ Continue Reading ]