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August 19th, 2010

katie s poofskirts 378x400 POOFskirts?

Wouldn’t want to forget to wear a pair of undies with this skirt.

A woman named Katie Anne, based out of Portland, custom-makes each skirt, dubbed “POOFskirt” by hand and sells them on her Etsy page.  The belts are made of soft leather and she ensures on her Tribe profile that each “poof” is securely fastened and the skirts are very bouncy. She also sells other POOF accessories to accentuate the skirt, as if it doesn’t do that on its own. [ Continue Reading ]


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March 4th, 2010

untitledHouse sm 400x400 Aberrations

It’s not a secret that images have the ability to awaken different parts of our brains, and allow us to experience different things. We are an extremely visual society, and if you have been blessed with the gift of sight (I would assume if you’re reading these words), then how many times have you looked at a picture and found yourself completely being immersed at some random thought? Jim Kazanjian’s works could certainly cause your brain to trip out. [ Continue Reading ]