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January 18th, 2009

img 0287 pola 329x400

I never had a Polaroid camera until recently a friend of mine gave it to me, because I found out that they will no longer exist, I love the old looking effect of the photos that come out, comparing to everyday digital cameras. Well now, you can make any of your photos look like its been shot with a Polaroid camera. This amazing site is so cool I’m in love with it. Once you download the program ( which is available for PC and Mac) this little cute polaroid  icon goes on your desk top, you simply drag your picture on it (it even makes a sound just like a real Polaroid camera) and then after 2 min you have a perfect little Polaroid image of your favorite photo. Here is a photo I took of these amazing pelicans, while traveling to Greece this summer.  To try your own photo, go to and explore…