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Pizza Flags

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January 10th, 2011

5090378761 bed53f42ed z2 Pizza Flags

I am a person who posses zero cooking skills, so anyone with an ability of cooking in a creative way is simply god to me. Maybe I am over exaggerating a little bit, but I do find it very impressive. What you see above are the flags of the countries Jen from Tiny Urban Kitchen has been to, made it into pizza’s. [ Continue Reading ]

Mine-Time Inc. personalized magazine experience

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March 25th, 2009

mine Mine Time Inc. personalized magazine experience

Here is a cool concept. I LOVE it!

Ever wanted a magazine totally customized to you and your personality? Well now you can have one courtesy of Time Inc., American Express and Toyota Lexus (exclusive sponsor). [ Continue Reading ]

The perfect Pizza utensil

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July 29th, 2008

21920 1 468 The perfect Pizza utensil

For only $20 bucks you can get this cool new invention. The Pizza Pro is a new great invention that will allow you slice and serve your pizza with ease. It combines kitchen shears with a wedge-shaped spatula so you can slice with one hand without ever losing toppings.  AND it works for both left and right-handed people. Get it here