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Dove Promotes Real Beauty and Self-esteem

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October 16th, 2009

shapeimage 2 Dove Promotes Real Beauty and Self esteemThis cool little ad actually carries a very deep meaning. Majority of the things that is being visually fed to us in the media has undergone some form of fabrication. Unfortunately for the new generation of kids that are growing up, it is simply becoming something of a normal behavior. Hope many watch this ad and realize they are beautiful in their own way.

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Javier Alvarado

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September 29th, 2009

d7 309x400 Javier Alvarado

Digital manipulation has always been something of an interest to me,  yet I don’t have the; time, patience and creativity to edit a picture in such away. I lack inspiration so to speak, probably the reason I’m having a total mind block in ways of being inspired.

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Russ Mills and his byroglyphics.

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August 19th, 2009

page0 blog entry14 1 266x400 Russ Mills and his byroglyphics.

Russ Mills counts Van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, and Basquiat among his influences, but he is clearly his own man. Based in Brighton, UK, Mills calls his approach byroglyphics—a process that involves ink sketches being scanned into his “ageing Mac” and then “abused in photoshop (you may have heard of it)…because of the joy of multiple undo’s.” [ Continue Reading ]


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June 30th, 2009

800x602 1 600x451 532x400 Before/After

What’s a good photo without a good finishing artist? Well, with Jaroslav Stehlík around, we don’t have to find out. This Czech retouching and finishing artist who calls Prague his hometown turns photos with mediocre lighting and colour scheme into frosted, contemporary works of art. [ Continue Reading ]

The good kind of manipulation

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June 19th, 2009

armsbreak johansson The good kind of manipulation As someone who loves classic, old school style photography methods I sometimes can be a bit of a Photoshop/digital manipulation hater. But when [ Continue Reading ]