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Something Everyone Can Like

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April 12th, 2010

l 4391147c5ae9686288015812073f7b29 Something Everyone Can LikeNow this is just the sort of crap that I like. Tacky and a little corny? Who cares. I mean this is the sorta thing that just can’t find itself to die. And someone is always out there adding their own little flourish. That certain twist and tweek. Sometimes it’s a massive failure. Other times it’s a smirk inducing indulgence. This is one of those. [ Continue Reading ]

Sensual Essence of Montreal

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February 1st, 2010

17 Sensual Essence of MontrealMontreal, has, every so often, the uncanny nature to deliver something impacting into a sea of mediocre, cloned dribble. You hear of other “artistic meccas” that just sort of spew out inspiration and unique concepts of this ridiculous thing called art. But when there is such an abundance of something it becomes bland and unappealing. Let’s not forget annoying. But Montreal doesn’t have that. So whenever something different grows from it. It might actually mean something. [ Continue Reading ]

Another Corner of Time

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January 15th, 2010

evamendesnude7 Another Corner of TimeMany of you may have already seen these photos of Eva Mendes posing for the May 2008 issue of Italian Vogue. There is something absolutely enthralling about each photo and its not just my heart trying to jump out of my throat or that weird tingle in my boxers. [ Continue Reading ]

Photo Weaving

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March 23rd, 2009

duym 5 280x400 Photo Weaving

Photographer, cinematographer, and director Todd M. Duym recently used a time-lapse video of photo weaving in his first solo gallery show. The show, at grace-gallery in Vancouver, BC, featured a larger body of works, among which were several photo weaves using Duym’s own original photography. The technique creates a unique pixelized effect, although Duym hesitates to use this term, preferring, simply, “weaves” for his works. Although the video lasts only two minutes long, it shows the construction of a weave that took 20 hours in real time.

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