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Oh, Also…

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March 23rd, 2009

tunnel Oh, Also...

New thing we’re trying out around here: the link-post (or link dump if you’re going to be crude about it.) Everything here is 100% AT approved.

- GOOD Magazine is a pretty solid source of socially-conscious writing, and they’ve got a great piece on the “Urban Cowboys” who illegally explore the tunnels of the world’s greatest cities. (GOOD)

- I used to know the words to Where the Wild Things Are better than I knew the names of close family members, so I’m incredibly excited for the Spike Jonze adaptation, which has a new poster out. It’s over at Pajiba, which is possibly my favourite website of all time. (Pajiba)

- Paul Neave has turned web design into an art form. His creations are simple, but they’re also immensely inspired. He’s created a 3-D virtual dandelion that you can blow on through the mike of your computer. It’s pretty incredible. (Neave)

- Some Welsh farmers recreated the Mona Lisa with sheep with light-packs on their backs. It’s an Android’s dream. (DarraghDoyle)

- Adam Buxton (who has a great show with Joe Cornish on BBC 6Music) created this video for the release of Radiohead’s In Rainbows. It’s not very topical, but I had to share it. [ Continue Reading ]