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The (Beautiful) Things They Carried

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April 22nd, 2009

louis vuitton men bag8 542x400 The (Beautiful) Things They Carried

Beaux inspected his pockets before heading out of the door. He carried a slim, shiny Zippo although he didn’t smoke, there were women he might meet that did. He packed Kleenex and moist towelettes because public restrooms could be unreliable and why tip an attendant for pumping soap or handing him a towel? He had a small mirror for quick touch ups on the go. A container for his contacts — another for the ribbed, Japanese condoms he could only find at high end sex shops in the Village. A small card case with a clip for plastic and cash, a separate sheath for his metrocard. A small pouch holding a dollar’s worth of assorted coins— paying in exact change was always best. His flask, cell phone and digital camera packed his inside pockets making rectangular bulges against the outline of his jacket…

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