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Nintendo! I mean…Nendo!

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December 15th, 2009

Nendo 2 397x400 Nintendo! I mean...Nendo!

Moleskine, makers of the notebook preferred by writers (and posers like me) everywhere, held a group exhibition entitled “Detour.” An artist named Nendo created the notebook above, which stands out from much of the rest of the crowd because it’s not simply a drawing. I included a couple of other examples in the gallery below so that you can judge for yourself. [ Continue Reading ]

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Carrasco

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August 20th, 2009

15 book21awakening Jose Antonio Gonzalez Carrasco

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Carrasco is committed to his Moleskin.

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Art House Sketchbook Project Tour

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March 11th, 2009

sp28 large Art House Sketchbook Project Tour

Dude With a Ton of Notebooks: Ohh, man I’ve got like so many notebooks!

Dude With All These Artists’ Addresses: Tell me about it. Look at all these addresses I’ve got!

Rain Man: 5,570… Definitely 5,570.

DWTN: Rain Man, what are you talking about?

Rain Man: 2,785 and 2,785 is 5,570.

DWATAA: I think he means we have the same number of notebooks and addresses.

DWTN: No way! This totally gives me an idea.

That’s almost certainly not how Art House’s Sketchbook Project was born, but it’s fun to imagine anyway. What’s important is that one way or another nearly three thousand artists [ Continue Reading ]