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They just can’t take it anymore… Todd Anthony Tyler

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August 21st, 2009

Todd Anthony Tyler 06 They just cant take it anymore... Todd Anthony Tyler

Todd Anthony Tyler is a noted fashion photographer that used to also be a model, which is probably the secret behind these exhausted women.

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Attention Trekkies: Set your faces to stunned

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May 4th, 2009

star trek enterprise art model project 4 700x305 585x254 Attention Trekkies: Set your faces to stunned

All I can say is, this might be what William Shatner’s wet dreams look like. [ Continue Reading ]

Back in Bleck…Zander Bleck

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April 20th, 2009

2148135 585x334 Back in Bleck...Zander Bleck

I love HIM!

You know… His Infernal Majesty? Ville Valo has the talent, the voice, the hair…the low-riding pants. Well, hey, I am a girl! But up till now, there hasn’t been anyone I’ve ran into here in the US that had the same flair – and catchy songs (albeit in a distinctly more uplifting style).

You see, I had the chance to preview a few singles from an as yet uncut CD by an up-and-coming crooner – Zander Bleck. And it snowballed from there. [ Continue Reading ]