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Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 0910

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January 22nd, 2009

burberry scarf Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 0910

Poor Burberry.  It’s unfortunate that the famous Burberry print fizzled out to, what should be, complete oblivion, but to try to ‘re-invent’ the pattern in sweaters is just asking for trouble.  With the exception of some beautifully tailored coats, this ‘new’ line from Burberry pretty much missed the mark for me.  Personally, I view Burberry as a sophisticated and more classic British-Boy look, where one could say “I’m young, I have lots of money, but I’m not entirely foolish with it.”  Burberry should be careful with dabbling in risky ventures such as scarf prints on sweater half-breeds, and over-sized frumpy knit sweaters, leave that to H&M.  Everyone knows that every mom and daughter combo from Orange County to the Mid-West, has a gross Burberry scarf, either real or knock-off.  And the stigma is even worse in the United Kingdom, due to the bombardment of Chavs wearing it, literally, out of style.  But these coats are fierce!!!

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2009

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January 19th, 2009

tom ford design 3 Tom Ford Spring Summer 2009

These sassy little numbers are the latest release for Tom Fords Spring/Summer ’09 collection.  I love these designs, he’s made pastels sexy!! Not an easy task.  But he accomplishes it with the precision tailoring, combined with picnic pattern woven shirts, accented with loud wide-breasted ties or scarves, a high, breezy pant cuff, shoes without socks, and sweet sun shades.  Winter wardrobe has always been my favorite when it comes to fantastic functional wear, but I’m having second thoughts after seeing these designs. Clearly the ten years he spent designing for Gucci, and the four years for Yves Saint Laurent, have paid off.