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Makeup madness with your host, Sofia!!!

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May 13th, 2009

makeup beauty 20 600x178 585x173 Makeup madness with your host, Sofia!!!

Sylvia Dell’Orto is a world-renowned makeup artist based in Milan and New York. She is a true artistic mastermind and one of my personal inspirations. She has created many looks for beauty giant Sephora, and many of her videos are available on Her avant garde style and structuralist pieces create both a timeless elegance and modernity incarnate with every model she works her magic on. Continue reading for less famous artists who definitely deserve some exposure. [ Continue Reading ]

How To: David Bowie Makeup

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March 23rd, 2009

david bowie How To: David Bowie Makeup
I love old school David Bowie and the associated experimental makeup. I randomly came upon this awesome tutorial video on YouTube on how to apply a Bowie-esque look. This particular feathered eye look is inspired by the 1980s fantasy film Labyrinth starring the one and only Mr. Bowie. [ Continue Reading ]