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October 4th, 2009

rankin photography 3 585x288 RankinLondon based photographer, publisher, and film director, Rankin is the creator of Dazed & Confused, and since launching the magazine in 1991, he has become [ Continue Reading ]

no pictures, please

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September 25th, 2009

awesome sofia pic no pictures, please

You’re wrong, actually; paparazzi photos aren’t lame. Well, the present-day ones are, but let them sit around for 10 or 15 years and they start to look effortlessly cool. [ Continue Reading ]

Matthew Hollings

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June 14th, 2009

matthew1 399x400 Matthew HollingsThe drawings of Matthew Hollings are so detailed you’d swear that they were photographs that had been run through the “Sketch” tool in Photoshop. Mostly focusing in on pop and rock stars, I like how Holllings will combine a realistic sketch with a more abstract background to give the overall piece an artistic feel. Each piece has his stamp on it but remains entirely unique and somehow indescribably reflective of the style of the musician he portrays. [ Continue Reading ]

Y.A.S want to change your opinion on Arab culture

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June 11th, 2009

fff Y.A.S want to change your opinion on Arab cultureY.A.S is Libanese singer Yasmine Hamdan and world reknowned producer Mirwais Ahmadzai who wrote and produced “Music” and many other hit songs for Madonna. Together they are releasing their debut album Arabology on June 8, 2009. In a recent interview Mirwais said “The idea is that today, in Western culture, we hear about Arabs everyday – in a bad way, because of terrorism, etc – but we lack of cultural representations coming from those countries that could mix with the western culture, whereas this youth is eager to. I don’t want to do world music, but a good western production with a real Arab identity”.  Check out their new video after the continuation, it was shot in Ciaro, Egypt and has some interesting shots exposing a culture we rarely see in music pop music videos. [ Continue Reading ]


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February 18th, 2009

madonna by steven klein Madonna

Steven Klein is one of the best photographers, and I regard him as such not only because of his amazing work, but because of his philosophy behind it.  For example, this shoot he did for W Magazine with Madonna.  He chooses to leave her ambiguous, shooting her not as an icon and not revealed, because he feels our obsession with celebrities is only to know our self through them.  And I agree.  I’m completely [ Continue Reading ]

Madonna Is Better Than a 29th Day

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January 27th, 2009

madonnaforlouisvuittonbystevenmeise Madonna Is Better Than a 29th Day

For such a short month February really packs it in: Super Bowl, Groundhog’s Day and the worst movies of the year. Cards in an upset. Six more weeks of winter. Stay away from Push. Now that that’s settled what’s left to look forward to? The new Louis Vuitton ad campaign featuring Madonna perhaps…

Marc Jacobs designs the clothes. Steven Meiesel takes the pictures. Madonna strikes the poses. Those of us with taste and sight reap the rewards. Everyone wins. Except the Steelers, those trusting in the meterological accuracy of rodents and theater-goers, I suppose.

Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign Featuring Madonna

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December 5th, 2008

madona vuitton2 412x300 Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign Featuring Madonna

Madonna and Steven Meisel team up for this brand new Louis Vuitton ad campaign.  The two images are just a preview of the six that will be released in February and March.  Although there are rumors that Madonna got paid ten million dollars for thid ad campaign, the designer’s spokesman strongly denied those claims… I say who cares she’s filthy rich anyway!