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Timba Smits, the World’s Tallest Ninja

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August 16th, 2010

FAD BELTRAN DETAIL 531x400 Timba Smits, the Worlds Tallest NinjaTimba Smits is a Melbourne born, London based graphic designer, artist, illustrator, independent publisher. He is also the worlds tallest ninja. He has a proper love of all things vintage or ‘old looking’ and loves to keep busy. [ Continue Reading ]

Goodbye Innocence, Hello Latex

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June 9th, 2010

poster girl front page 1261161656 281x400 Goodbye Innocence, Hello Latex

Jasper Goodall’s solo gallery show Poster Girl is a commentary on the fine line between fetishism, fantasy and reality, expressed through shiny latex, dripping goo and acrylic body-masking cutouts.  The titles of his prints — Bad Bambi, Pink Polish, Crude Oil, Medusa, Tigress and Evil Mickey — entice our curiosity and give us an inkling of what is about to come. [ Continue Reading ]

The Art Of The Human Essence

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March 8th, 2010

Antony Gormley   Another Place   Crosby Beach 01 702607 266x400 The Art Of The Human Essence

Can art capture the essence of human life? What is the essence of a human? Is it the body or the mind? Could it be both? Is it possible to portray the body, and the mind of a human in one single work of art? Hmmm too many questions I know, but that’s what Antony Gormley attempts to do with his incredible sculptures. [ Continue Reading ]

Tetsuya Uenobe and the art of shoe making

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January 25th, 2010

Eggcopy 418x400 Tetsuya Uenobe and the art of shoe making

About a week ago, we were fortunate enough to receive an email from a Japanese designer Tetsuya Uenobe, introducing us to his shoe art pieces. For Tetsuya it all started when he met a lot of craftsmen and designers while working as a director for a men’s wear catalog. [ Continue Reading ]

Describing the World With a Paintbrush

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January 14th, 2010

birds of paradise  28small 29 Describing the World With a Paintbrush

Ashley Cecil, an activist with a paintbrush. Yes folks, you heard me right (err read me right), this here gal has made it her mission to describe the world with a paintbrush in the hopes to making it a better place. Most paintings correspond to a non-profit organization and a portion of proceeds from each painting sold will be donated to the corresponding organization. Social activism and art at their best! [ Continue Reading ]

Roll over Red Rover!

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December 3rd, 2009

149698 Fetch 2 SOLD in Paris Roll over Red Rover!It’s official.  My love of all things puppies has been solidified by artist Robert Bradford!  Born in London, England and obtaining a B.A in painting at Ravensbourne College of Art in Kent and an M.A. in Film at the Royal College of Art, London, Bradford discovered his knack for creating sculptures out of odds and ends when he found a box of his children’s discarded toys in his studio. The toys themselves interest me in their own right as mini sculptures by unknown and uncredited artists. Mostly I use the toys abstractly as forms with which to build muscle bone or internal or external organs but all types of human pursuits can be referred to and represented through them – things loved or hated – things used and carried as tools etc etc.-Robert Bradford [ Continue Reading ]

Wibowo’s Cakes

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November 25th, 2009

mario bros 719829 Wibowos Cakes

Cake – (noun) a sweet, baked, breadlike food, made with or without shortening, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, eggs, and liquid flavoring.

A Michelle Wibowo Cake – the most amazingly crafted and elegantly designed edible thing you have ever laid eyes on. [ Continue Reading ]

Folded Photographs Abigail Reynolds

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November 20th, 2009

foldpic62 524x400 Folded Photographs Abigail Reynolds

Abigail Reynolds brings pictures to life, simply by cutting, folding and pasting.

[ Continue Reading ]

Don’t hold that pose.

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November 18th, 2009

murphy 535x400 Dont hold that pose.

It used to be that part of the art of good photography was to capture a moving object and make it appear so steady that it appeared to be a still life. You wanted the effect of someone yelling FREEZE right before your shot. [ Continue Reading ]

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