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Harked the Raven, Nevermore

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September 18th, 2009

thehandyman 585x390 Harked the Raven, Nevermore

Before looking at this post check under the bed.  Nothing?  Good.  Are the lights off?  It’d be in your interest to turn them on.  While you’re doing that, perhaps grab a friend and make sure your door is locked as well.

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Wonsik Chae’s Cup of Tea….

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March 19th, 2009

lighting bag by wonsik chae 4 Wonsik Chaes Cup of Tea....

is really a cup of light. The Lighting Bag, created by the South Korean industrial designer,  is a tea bag made of flourescent molecules that will “fill your room with light just as a tea bag draws a flavor in a cup.” The bag is immersed in a cup filled with a chemical intermediate. The combination produces light. What chic chemistry! [ Continue Reading ]