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Lady Gaga – Judas Music Video

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May 10th, 2011

Lady Gaga Judas 400x400 Lady Gaga   Judas Music Video

She’s back with her second single “Judas” coming off her upcoming second studio album Born This Way. The song has been on repeat on the radio stations since April when it was released, now comes the video you have all been waiting for. As in normal Gaga fashion this video is over the top filled with weird/corny/cool dance moves, catchy tunes, costumes, unique make up, nails and lets not forget the fight between good and evil. [ Continue Reading ]

Paper CUtouts: Muu Milk please

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June 3rd, 2010

lobulo tokoya 544x400 Paper CUtouts: Muu Milk please

First, I love how when I click on something on the Lobulo site, it crosses it out so I can remember I’ve been there. Every website should have that feature because I am very forgetful (I click on the same damn thing multiple times before I remember that I’ve already been there.) Second, I like all the colours and quirky fonts. Muu Milk is my pick for best colours and most fun design and Tokoyo is extremely pretty, right down to the shocking pink wall.

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Kerli the European GaGa

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February 9th, 2010

5f00d686fb635f6e4084a92b8645fbcc full 400x400 Kerli the European GaGaIf you thought Lady GaGa was the only chick out there banking on the whole monster creepy artsy fartsy theme, you are wrong… There’s also Kerli. Kerli, is an Estonian singer who is known for her pop style and her album Love Is Dead. The video for her single “Walking on Air” is what caught my attention a very long time ago. [ Continue Reading ]


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November 16th, 2009

lady gaga bad romance1 RAHHH RAAHHHThe most common word used to describe the video for Gaga‘s single “Bad Romance” is “EPIC”.

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He’ll Zeduce You

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September 20th, 2009

zeduce 3 585x391 Hell Zeduce You

Wendell Levi Teodoro is Zeduce, an edgy photographer with truckloads of pop-culture appeal. His CV is hectic, and his portfolio is thick. If it exists in the artistic world, Zeduce has probably taken photos of it. His editorial “Omega Time” features model Charly @ Chadwick as a geometry-class super hero.

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You Know You Can Act When You Feign Stupidity

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July 23rd, 2009

access 99 cover 297x400 You Know You Can Act When You Feign Stupidity

I recently read an interview with Lady Gaga in Access Magazine. The things she talked about made me think about the immense pressure celebrities are under to be unintelligent.

This is because: Sex Sells. [ Continue Reading ]

I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me

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June 18th, 2009

ladygaga paparazziofficialsinglecov 400x400 Ill Follow You Until You Love Me

I might loose my metalhead badge for this, but Im really digging the new single by Lady GaGa and the video is impressive. I think the verse is kind of Depeche Modish, and I am a sucker for anything Depeche Mode. Plus the fact that I have an enourmous crush on her does not help [ Continue Reading ]