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Natalie Escobedo Photography

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January 11th, 2011

nat4 585x325 Natalie Escobedo Photography

Girl’s got swag!

Natalie Escobedo is a freelance photographer born and raised in Chicago. While Natalie dabbles in all kinds of photography, she likes portraiture and taking band photos the most. She’s shot bands such as Hellogoodbye, Good Old War, Hanson and Taking Back Sunday and her work has been featured in AP Magazine. She recently took time away from blustery Chicago to come to LA and shoot some photos. In the future she’s looking to tour with a band and photo-document the trip. [ Continue Reading ]

La Fru and Everyday Life

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May 21st, 2009

boy 317x400 La Fru and Everyday Life

Effortless. If I could get a picture like that of my son, I promise you it would be up on my wall! I love pictures of plain old life. [ Continue Reading ]