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Watch It: Trois Couleurs: Bleu

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September 11th, 2009

Blue 291x400 Watch It: Trois Couleurs: Bleu

Back in 2000, a review of Rainer Maria’s magnificent album Look, Now Look Again declared, “someone you know probably needs this album right now.” What the critic meant was that chances are you or someone you knew was nursing a broken heart and this album, with it’s minor key scream-a-long choruses and poetically detailed lyrics, would provide some much needed solace and catharsis. Music is very good that way; that’s why every major break-up in my life has inspired a suitably tortured mix tape; I got married, thankfully, before I could make playlists.

Movies are good that way too. And someone you know probably needs to see Krysztof Kieslowski’s Trois Couleurs: Bleu right now. [ Continue Reading ]