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Knit me if you can

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April 28th, 2009

image 11 Knit me if you can

Over the last few years, knitting has made a major comeback in our closets but also on the catwalk. From scarves to sweaters , bow tie, accessories, wool is slowly but surely taking over the fashionistas’ wardrobe.

For Paris-based Wool and The Gang, knitting is first and foremost a trendy and fun activity, their increasingly popular knitting parties have become the new happening from Paris, New York to Geneva. Launched last December at [ Continue Reading ]

Perfect Baby Turn into a Murderer Gifts

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December 30th, 2008

120918892 bb4b03c6b7 o 564x400 Perfect Baby Turn into a Murderer Gifts

So we all love our kids and want them to grow up and be a doctor or a lawyer or what the hell, a politician…  But what about those kids who just don’t want to agree with the society and rebel against everything anything good stands for?  Well we love them too ( only when they are young and cute ) that’s why there is a new line of knitting toys out there to satisfy their hunger for, umm, blood.  Actually they are not real toys, I kind of lied,  they are just artistic knitting works called “Knitting for psychos ”  and you can see more of it here: Knitting for psychos 

Urban Knitting – Knitta Please

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December 24th, 2008

2995547561 e27601fd3a o 553x400 Urban Knitting   Knitta Please

So this is something new, a new form of graffiti out there on the streets that not many can have a grudge about.  It’s knitting, and its kinda cool.  Done by a group of urban rebels that call them selves Knitta Please, it is definitely a cleaner form of graffiti that I most definitely approve, it looks nice, very artistic and the best of all, it’s not a pain in the ass to take off.  Check out the gallery to see more cool examples.

Dolormin – Fast Pain Relief

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December 16th, 2008

dolormin fast pain relief mechanic magazine 443x300 Dolormin   Fast Pain Relief

Here are some funny ads to make your day a bit brighter.  Created by KNSK advertising firm from Werbeagentur, Germany.  The face expressions are priceless!

Sandra Backlund

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May 29th, 2008

in no time pic9 photo ola bergengren 243x300 Sandra Backlundin no time pic4 photo ola bergengren 246x300 Sandra Backlund

Very interesting work by Swedish artist Sandra Backlund.  Much of her latest work seems to involve knitting style apparel. Check out her work at