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Jeremy Keeps it Too Real!

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AE Paulino
November 19th, 2009

05 399x400 Jeremy Keeps it Too Real!

So I was on Jeremy Geddes’ blog and…

Uh…Yea, well…I didn’t know if this was a painting or not. I mean, Jeremy Geddes is a fantastic painter; tone, light, texture, and depth, he’s a spider and those are his flies, and the man catches a lot of flies! [ Continue Reading ]

Jeremy Geddes thinks something’s wrong with his liver…

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September 19th, 2009

jeremy geddes 6 282x400 Jeremy Geddes thinks somethings wrong with his liver...

In Jeremy Geddes’ case, self-reflection is left to the unconscious, to manifest as it will on the canvas.  No, the Brooklyn painter’s process more closely resembles a vigorous self-examination, which I imagine going something like: [ Continue Reading ]

I think that Jeremy Geddes might actually beat Jesus in a painting throwdown (sorry, Jesus)

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June 11th, 2009

heat death 585x251 I think that Jeremy Geddes might actually beat Jesus in a painting throwdown (sorry, Jesus)

Jeremy Geddes is the scariest person in the universe. The above photo is a painting, people. A painting. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. I think I zoomed in every single painting in the thumbnails below, and I could have sworn that they were actual photographs. Either my eyesight is awful, or Jeremy Geddes is a wizard. I wear contacts, so I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. [ Continue Reading ]

Jeremy Geddes

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February 25th, 2009

jeremy geddes3 397x400 Jeremy Geddes

Holy bat guano! I thought these were photographs but they’re paintings! Jeremy Geddes does these creepy life-like paintings.  He’s also a comic artist, his most notable book is DOOMED.  He won several awards for his work, not shocking at all, they’re amazing!