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Lad Musician

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February 16th, 2009

lad musician accessories spring 2009 collection front Lad Musician

Japanese clothing label, Lad Musician, has designed a really charming line of accessories molded after musical instruments.  At first glance, I thought, “Oh dear God no, more charms for those ugly bracelets worn by tourists and people who think wind pants are fashionable.”  But to my relief, they’re not.  If you are familiar with Lad Musician’s clothing line, skinny- light rocker look with plunging neck lines,  then you can see how these accessories will rightly enhance the look.  Visit their online store to see the full collection.

Cocksucker Blues

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February 15th, 2009

col 24 b 266x400 Cocksucker Blues

Yuichi Kuroda is the founder of Tokyo based label, Lad Musician.  His designs are rock-glam, with thigh-hugging skinny jeans and tight tops, it’s catering to a Japanese body image trend that “thin men are in”.  Essentially, if you want to be fashionable, you need to be as thin and tall as possible.  On the west coast, we sometimes use the terms ‘Emo’ and ‘Rock Glam’ ubiquitously together, and this look epitomizes that.   “Cocksucker Blues” and “The Rolling Stones” are two labels that Yuichi Kuroda has christened some of his lines.  Lol, Cocksucker Blues,  friggin’ genius branding, it has my thumbs up simply for being a hilarious name.