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Last Name, First

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Amber El
October 2nd, 2009

I am El.  Poet. Writer. Photographer. Student of Life. Atlanta is my home sweet home.  (Where summer starts in May and ends in October. Jealous?). Kidnapping the knowledge: it’s what I do. I am really looking forward to chit-chatting with everyone (bloggers and readers alike). I will actually reply to all messages.


See some samples of my photography.

Introducing – Huxley

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October 1st, 2009

Hey all, I’m Huxley.

I live in England and write for a living.  I run my own copywriting company and just love putting words to er… paper keyboard.  My byline is “putting thought into words”, and it pretty much sums me up.  I’m the quiet one who sits in the corner watching people.  I like nothing better than sitting in a pavement cafe or bar watching the world go by or just daydreaming.

I love cars, gadgets, technology, reading, writing, music, movies, eating, drinking, meeting new people, making friends, and experiencing stuff.  After all, you can’t write about life until you have lived it a bit!

Look at what DaHouseCat dragged in!

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September 23rd, 2009

Hey there!

Pleased to meet you all my fellow bloggers. The name’s Jason and it’s nice to meet you all! There’s not much that you should know about me, I’m a general nerd with an interest in photography. Having just come from college into the real world, I have to face a world where I can’t roll my 12-sided dice and defeat the problems that I come across in everyday life.  My humor is bad and my nervous disposition is worse but either way I am looking forward to bringing you posts about what inspires me.

See you around!



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August 18th, 2009

My name is Anna and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I love things that are artistic and make life more interesting. I am a constant seeker of new, unique and interesting ideas I can sprinkle into my own world. I love learning, reading and writing. I love watching people, and New York is one of the best places to do it. I love fashion, food, film, bikes and the Farmers Market. I  have a passion for all things eco-friendly and a love for all things with a great story behind it. I hope to share and learn some great things while I’m here!

Introducing …MalanB

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July 31st, 2009
Hello, I am MalanB. I am lover of fashion and art! My top five fashion must have my name plate, a little black dress, my wedge sandals, a fabulous purse, and confidence! I am so happy to be apart of! Be Stylish, Be you!

Nice to meet you…

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July 30th, 2009

This is my introduction for Artistic Things::Life + Art + Music. I am an internet junkie that loves the art world, blogging, and designing brand identities. Having a great appreciation for all things creative, I have surrounded myself with brilliant artists, photographers and writers—always seeking out inspiration and uniqueness… I am excited to see what comes my way here on Artistic Things!


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July 29th, 2009

Hi there. My name is John. I’m a freelance copy editor who lives in Brooklyn with my lovely wife and our two cats, Bosco and Zeke. On our first date, the revelation of my wife’s genius at naming pets was one of the many things that ensured my desire for a second date. Single people looking for a mate, take note.

Like most of the writers here, my interests are broad and eclectic. One day I’ll be writing about a promising new artist, writer or band, and the next I’ll be considering creative folks whose time in the spotlight has passed but are worth a second look. And on some days I’ll be writing about strange personal obsessions like Japanese snack treats, the genius design of a certain company’s drum lugs, or 70′s horror films. You just don’t know what you’ll get, because usually, I won’t know either until I’m done writing it. No discovery for the writer, no discovery for the reader—isn’t that what the creative writing professors always told us? Fair enough. Let’s get our discover on, people.


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B.A.D M.A.T.H.
July 28th, 2009

Hi I’m Tatum! I go by the moniker B.A.D. M.A.T.H and I currently reside in Montreal. My passions include writing, music and of course all things artistic. I also have an extensive and rather useless knowledge of all things pop culture. However, I plan to make my fortune by joining forces with someone like myself and becoming a Trivial Pursuit world champion. I firmly believe it is only a matter of time before Trivial Pursuit is recognized as a sport by the Olympics committee. I’m currently focused on using this knowledge in my writing since my brilliant thesis titled ‘ From King Tut to Robert Smith: The Evolution of Guyliner’, has not led to admittance in a master’s program at Oxford, as I’d hoped.
I’m also an aspiring stylist. I love all things vintage, have a penchant for accessories, and selecting odd items of clothing that occasionally cause my friends to look away in shame. Now and again my outfits leave the 60 and over crowd seething with envy. I’ve heard that members of certain bingo and bridge clubs have it in for me.


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July 27th, 2009

Hey all,

If you know anything about photography, you’ll notice my name is a combination of two fashion greats. That being said, I’m a girl that wears many hats; [ Continue Reading ]

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