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Introducing… LauraB

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January 13th, 2010

Laura Beeston is (another) Montreal-based artfag blogger, posting in between working towards a B.A. in journalism and editing at The Link, Concordia’s independent weekly newspaper.

Attempting to master French in the process, she eagerly anticipates art reporting will force her from the office and onto the mean/sexy/inspiring ‘scene’ consistently shaking down 514.

Wild eyed and lipstick smeared, Laura has also been known to organize and perform burlesque, and has a karaoke alter ego.

This Is My World… Introducing Ingrid

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December 28th, 2009

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ingrid, and I live in Montreal… I just pretty much moved here from sunny Miami Beach, FL, but contrary to what some might think I enjoy the cold a lot better than I do the Heat! I am excited about the idea of exploring Montreal, and everything this city has to offer. I was a Music student in the US, but I have noticed that beyond a passion for Music, I have a passion for the arts. I have been performing since I could walk and talk, and well the rest is just history… talking led to singing, which led to dancing, which led to performing at random places…. and then inspiration hit  me to convert thoughts into words. As I started reading more I felt I had more things to say myself, and so I would write short stories, poems, and a lot of lyrics. [ Continue Reading ]

Introducing… g.jessy

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December 17th, 2009

New to Montreal, Ontario native g.jessy’s social environment includes: kitchen dance parties, a sewing machine, books, whiskey in bathroom stalls, and all kinds of trouble. She likes art that inspires people to question the world around them and believes in education as a tool of empowerment. If you poke around the internet, you can find her on a few feminist sites taking part in some rather interesting critiques of the modern art that is Pornography. g.jessy also has a tendency of making the good girls go bad.


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November 13th, 2009

I am a first-generation Asian immigrant who grew up in California and am now going to college in New York City.  Somewhere in between I became somewhat of a feminist, objectivist, and Social Darwinist.

I think that I have always liked writing, liked art and all that pertains to it (which is pretty much everything in life), and needed money (especially now that I am a broke college student in arguably the most expensive city in the world).  Ergo, I am here and hope you’ll enjoy my quirky taste.  Cheers!

Anthony Adams

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November 12th, 2009

mewhiteshirt 274x400 Anthony AdamsHey I am Anthony Adams I am a Professional Makeup Artist and writer.

I am based in Australia and have travelled a lot of the World. [ Continue Reading ]

StarCat Intro

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November 12th, 2009

Tell Tale  323x400 StarCat Intro

“Adapt or perish.” – Magneto

Blogging… What an interesting thing it is! …the world it is a-changing… [ Continue Reading ]

Hold The Applause … Kappa Mikey’s Here!

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November 11th, 2009

My name is Jeremy (but everyone calls me Miko), and I’m here to introduce the superhero power of creating preeminent cultured content. I’m a chameleon fanatic that loves all things art and pop. My mind is constantly thinking of James Bond movies while my 24-year-old hands are hating the inevitable days of arthritis because of my passion for writing. Every second of my days living in NY prompts me to dream a little dream and become the owner of all of the thrift store boutiques in Brooklyn. I want the world to see my style of insight through color, design, music. Come along with me and I promise, I’ll make you feel like a kid again …

Introducing… AE Paulino

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AE Paulino
November 10th, 2009

My name is AE Paulino and in real life, I ramble, stammer, and trip over words, so I write to get it right. Un-knotting some of the tangles that occur when Imagination tussles with Obsession. I’m from Some Avenue in the South Bronx where I’ve lived most of my years of life. I don’t like pets but I love disaster, women, music, film, art, and food (in that order).

The idea of me joining this blog has “failure” calligraphy’d all over it but I do hope to make it work. Perhaps even, it might be worth both our whiles.

Introducing MrMouse

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November 9th, 2009

Hi there! I’m not actually a mouse, typing away at a keyboard built for a far larger creature and demonstrating a surprising command of grammar for a rodent. I know, hard to believe, right? It’s true! I’m a real life human being, just like many of you!

My name is Evan, which is kind of the consolation prize of names; Mike was taken, but at least I didn’t wind up with Chaz. I’m from Boston originally but I live in Brooklyn now. I really like movies, like more than a friend. And that is all there is to know about Mister Mouse!

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