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Crush of the Week Part Deux: Ingrid Michaelson

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February 8th, 2010

ingrid michaelson bubblegum Crush of the Week Part Deux: Ingrid Michaelson

For the second and final (for now) Crush of the Week  blog, I tried to do something for the ladies. I really did. After all it is your holiday that I am honoring by doing this. But… it didn’t turn out as expected. At first I thought to myself “hey, I hear a lot of girls say that Jared Leto dude is crushworthy and multi-talented”, but I just couldn’t bring myself to post that. Sorry :) Besides, the entire holiday is devoted to the ladies right? Dudes need something too, even if it is just a blog post or two…

Alas I did make a compromise though….

The featured artist this week is indie musician Ingrid Michaelson [ Continue Reading ]

Back in Bleck…Zander Bleck

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April 20th, 2009

2148135 585x334 Back in Bleck...Zander Bleck

I love HIM!

You know… His Infernal Majesty? Ville Valo has the talent, the voice, the hair…the low-riding pants. Well, hey, I am a girl! But up till now, there hasn’t been anyone I’ve ran into here in the US that had the same flair – and catchy songs (albeit in a distinctly more uplifting style).

You see, I had the chance to preview a few singles from an as yet uncut CD by an up-and-coming crooner – Zander Bleck. And it snowballed from there. [ Continue Reading ]