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Art by Pencil

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April 5th, 2010

paullung Art by Pencil

His favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail, but we won’t judge him for that. Take a look at these awesome yet beautiful images all drawn using a 0.5mm technical pencil. His name is Paul Lung, from Hong Kong and he is an artist. An artist that uses a simple pencil to create magic that includes photos of himself, his family and of course cats. [ Continue Reading ]

It’s in the paper

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April 2nd, 2009

bovey lee 04 538x400 Its in the paper

Remember those kids in your grade 2 class who really, really appreciated plasticine, or finger painting, or oh, I don’t know…making paper cutouts?  And thinking back you wonder if (and secretly hope) they just kept on going, never looking back, having already discovered their true calling resonating unswayingly within their pure and innocent hearts?

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