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Frogs in space? Snakes with handbags? And where are that chick’s tits?

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June 1st, 2009

picture 73 585x384 Frogs in space? Snakes with handbags? And where are that chicks tits?

What’s happening here?  Are these tacky accessories in space?   And why’s the snake so interested in the handbag?  I mean, what the fuck would a snake have to do with a handbag?  And what about these other shots?  What’s that frog doing in there?  The little fella certainly appears to be uncomfortable.  And you would be too, if you were in one of UK-based Paulo Sutch‘s photographs. [ Continue Reading ]

Recycled Handbags= Recycled Idea

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April 27th, 2009

td 02 md 251x400 Recycled Handbags= Recycled Idea Here’s the latest and not so greatest in go-green fashion: handbags and accessories made completely from recycled paper, candy wrappers, and bottle tops. Yup, that’s right. The folks over at Ecoist have designed a line of completely environmentally friendly carriers for all the crap and the technology you need to carry. Something tells me that this is only the beginning of [ Continue Reading ]