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Alexis Marcou- Less is More

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January 25th, 2010

Alexis Marcou artwork 559x400 Alexis Marcou  Less is More

For designer and illustrator Alexis Marcou, less is definitely translated into more. Marcou’s works are filled with life, however, it is all accomplished by recreating an 80’s minimalist retro look with a contemporary twist. [ Continue Reading ]

Nejat Talas dabbles with Sex and Fashion

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June 8th, 2009

njt0067 585x390 Nejat Talas dabbles with Sex and Fashion

Interesting work by a Greek photographer Nejat Talas. Born in Athens, Greece, he picked up photography in 2003 as a hobby while working as a tv/film director. Looks like it came very natural to him working in the film business, now he is a fashion/editorial photographer in Istanbul, Turkey. Check out more of his work after the continuation… [ Continue Reading ]

Anarchy in Greece

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December 16th, 2008

a09 17323793 475x300 Anarchy in Greece

What you see is not a stunt actor.  On the night of Saturday, December 6th, two Special Guards of the Greek police clashed with a small group of young men. The exact details of what took place are still unclear, but it is known that one of the Guards fired three shots, and one of those bullets caused the death of 15-year-old Alexander Grigoropoulos. What followed are riot across many Greek cities demanding justice and fair treatment.  [ ]