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Sarah Illenberger unique photography

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December 10th, 2010

illenberger 01 564x400 Sarah Illenberger unique photography
Sarah Illenberger is no ordinary photographer who simply takes nice pictures of her surroundings. Most of her pictures are of concepts that she has hand crafted from scratch, using objects around her. [ Continue Reading ]

Feeding you some German depotArt

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March 31st, 2010

DepotArt2 504x400 Feeding you some German depotArtComputer-generated fine art? [ Continue Reading ]


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November 19th, 2009

DSCN2209 s MindfrankI’d like to invite you to look at the picture above this text. Just really look at it. It’s the work of Emilia Forstreuter, by the way. Did you know it’s made of paper? It’s true! That’s paper. Isn’t that neat. Imagine the patience it must take to so carefully razor-cut a piece of paper like that. It makes you think about the meticulousness of it all, doesn’t it? About the “why” as opposed to the “what”. How very magical.

[ Continue Reading ]

Dress Up That Cubicle!

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September 23rd, 2009

cal0 Dress Up That Cubicle!

Do some serious planning with this ultra cool calendar by German artist Johann Volkmer—Behold THE FALTJAHR 2010.

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Same Same but Different

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September 15th, 2009

Screen shot 2009 09 17 at 3.13.50 PM 585x254 Same Same but Different

A lot of people saw “The Reader” and fell in love with the lanky, exquisite German actor David Kross, myself included (a LOT). But I’m probably the only one psychotic enough to think to myself “I have to get my hands on everything that kid has ever appeared in, future stuff included.” And so I hunted down his next film, “Same Same but Different” [ Continue Reading ]

Diana Scheunemann

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February 11th, 2009

scheunemann sexy photography 546x400 Diana Scheunemann

Diana Scheunemann a German photographer, has shot for a range of editorial and advertising campaigns around the world, exhibited her personal work in galleries across Europe and has actually published three books. I like her work a lot, Diana knows how to bring the sex appeal in a picture so much so that every time I look at these pictures, I get horny. Check out more pictures from her portfolio…

Portfolio: Diana Scheunemann

All I Want for Christmas

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December 23rd, 2008

I know it’s late notice, but this what you should be getting me for Christmas: The 2009 McLaren Stirling Moss SLR. Seriously.

mercslrstirlingmoss 021 585x357 All I Want for Christmas

The Mercedes Benz – McLaren SLR collaboration is ending with one magnificent automotive orgasm of carbon fiber and rubber. Even without a windshield this thing is perfect. No more words; let’s just light a cigarette and bask in the afterglow.

Queer Travel Website Ad

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December 5th, 2008

queer travel poster 424x300 Queer Travel Website Ad

Cheer up! It’s friday!  Here is something I thought was funny, is a German gay travel guide website and here is their ad.  Created by Scholz & Friends advertising firm from Hamburg, Germany.

Claudia Rogge – Human Mosaic

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December 3rd, 2008

84 56 big 399x300 Claudia Rogge   Human Mosaic

Truly amazing work by a German photographer Claudia Rogge.  Her work simply fascinates me, its a bit weird but extremely creative.  See her site here: Claudia Rogge

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