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Up, Down, Round & Round. Chariot Skates.

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July 6th, 2010

cs action7 571x400 Up, Down, Round & Round. Chariot Skates.It’s should never surprise anyone at the sort of marvels that humanity can accomplish. I mean we’ve been doing it for such a long time that it sort of comes natural to us. That’s whats so great about being a person. The capability to create or surpass anything that can make like more fun, convenient or simply beneficial. This falls into the fun department. And it’s roller blades on acid. [ Continue Reading ]

Creative Recreation’s “Made in Italy” Collection

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March 25th, 2009

creative recreation made in italy fall 2009 06 266x400 Creative Recreations Made in Italy Collection

With the continuation of its “Made in Italy” collection Creative Recreation again brings its A game to the high-end sneaker market, dressing up familiar low and high-top tennis shoe shapes in materials such as calfskin, goat suede and patent leather. The collection comprises some of the finest looking and best made casual footwear I’ve seen in a very long time— you just don’t see sneakers with laser cut vamps, you don’t.

[ Continue Reading ]

Raf Simons & Dr.Martens Hate Nature and Your Eyes

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March 12th, 2009


raf simons dr martens sandals spring 2009 7 378x400 Raf Simons & Dr.Martens Hate Nature and Your EyesI’ve often heard people refer to their feet as “pretty” or “cute” or some other misplaced, pleasant seeming adjective. Feet are ugly. All feet are ugly, horrible things. That’s why biology has managed to put them as far away from our line of sight as is possible. [ Continue Reading ]

Rick Owens Leather Trainer Boots

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February 27th, 2009

rick owens trainer boot Rick Owens Leather Trainer Boots

Rick Owens designs apparel that  doesn’t really fit my style, but that I can still appreciate. His leather trainer boots are a perfect example.  They kind of look like something a boxer or [ Continue Reading ]

Jil Sander

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February 11th, 2009

jil sander spring 2009 footwear Jil Sander

Super-soft leather, flexible soles, low-key color options— Jil Sander footwear is as finely crafted and understated as are its clothes. That’s a very good thing.

Bright Steps Ahead

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February 6th, 2009

nina hjorth 504x400 Bright Steps AheadIt’s more than just a shoe– it’s a work of art. Check out the Spring collection from 29-year-old Danish designer Nina Hjorth.  A graduate of both Graeme Armour and the Royal College of Art, Hjorth is bringing back the bright neons from the 80′s that are so big right now and combining them with a more modern cut. This designer is certainly doing her part to make sure that pointy toes and the highest of heels are fun to wear again (even if they do look like they’d make walking down the street and acrobatic feat). Check out her entire collection HERE.

PF Flyers Perfect for a Trip Down Memory Lane

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January 30th, 2009

pf flyers fall 2009 sneakers 01 PF Flyers Perfect for a Trip Down Memory Lane

LA Gear sneakers were in fashion the last time I was into high-tops and I was in high school the last I recall someone sporting a pair of British Walkers; perhaps that’s why I feel so nostalgic looking at the latest collection from PF Flyers. There’s something about the designs in their fall line that reminds of those brands and earlier times in my life. My fashion sense has evolved considerably since the 90s, but I wouldn’t be opposed to throwing on a pair of these and going a little retro for a theme party.

Rick Owens Destroyed Suede Boots

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January 9th, 2009

I usually have huge debates with myself before buying anything suede. At some point in the process of talking myself into whatever the item may be I visualize this horrible montage of everything suede I’ve ever owned and the untimely and ultimate ruin that followed, along with the looks of consternation and disbelief on the faces of dry cleaners and leather care professionals as they gave me the bad news. Suede simply is not a wearable fabric. Rick Owens has his own way around that.

rick owens destroyed suede boot 01 Rick Owens Destroyed Suede Boots

By f’ing your boots up in advance Mr.Owens saves you the worry over spilled drinks, scuff marks, overly strong gusts of wind and all the other ways in which suede can be injured or ruined.