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Hironao Tsuboi’s Faceless Watch

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April 27th, 2009

facelesstogether Hironao Tsubois Faceless Watch

Boys! Girls! Friends! Lovers!

I guess it’s kind of clever to take LED technology and remove the watch face altogether.  Hironao Tsuboi certainly thinks so.  i’d actually never heard of the man, and from the picture, I get this sense that I might not want to spend more than about twenty seconds at a time with him. The smile is just a little too pursed, and the left bang just a little too droopy over the left eye.  yes, I understand that he’s a designer– one who came up with an umbrella with a built-in stand, which umbrella makers should have thought of thirty years ago anyway, but so it goes.  The picture here lies a little [ Continue Reading ]