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Elene Usdin

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February 3rd, 2009

lanvin ss08 6 Elene Usdin

Let me break this one down.  I think this could have been executed better.  I really like the concept of Legos and Pacman for a photo shoot.  But  the idea isn’t translating through as well as it could in this shoot. I think it would have been much more pivotal and exciting if the designers clothing was ‘Lego or Pacman-like’ or, better yet, if the model was in a Lego or Pacman-like world, with grids, paths, huge Lego structures to hurdle over or climb down from.  With just a bit more work put into the scenery, the clothing the model is wearing wouldn’t need to change, and it wouldn’t look so awkward.  And I would have also liked to have seen more than just one model featured, that would have probably expanded the creativity here.  Photographed by Elene Usdin, for a collection book for fashion designer Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2008 line.  Elene Usdin is represented by a French production agency called Hartland Villa.  She has other work, much more notable.