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Watch It—Trust

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August 20th, 2009

trust Watch It—Trust

Trust (1991) was Hal Hartley’s second feature film and his second to feature the late Adrienne Shelly as the lead. Adrienne plays Maria, a high school student whose life is changed by both her pregnancy and the angry young man—Matthew, played by Martin Donovan—she meets soon after her family kicks her out of the house. As droll as they are sincere, Maria and Matthew try to find their way in suburban Long Island, dealing with each other’s uniquely insane parents along the way. You think your family is bad? Well, have they inspired the words, “A family is like a loaded gun: If you point it in the wrong direction, you’re going to kill somebody”? That’s Matthew talking, and a little time spent with his father makes that kind of statement sound completely rational. [ Continue Reading ]