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Tallest Building in Dubai

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January 31st, 2009

nakheeltower01 284x400 Tallest Building in Dubai

I can’t say if we are growing up, but I can say we are going up.  Dubai’s new tallest building is called Nakheel Tower.  It will be more than a kilometer high, house 55,000, and be a work place for 45,000.  In an area of the world, almost a world of its own, where beaches are actually air conditioned(what’s the point in going?), multibillion dollar projects seem to pop up like acne on a 14 year old boy’s face.  I think it’s great to be innovative with designs, however I don’t think it’s cute to exhaust  resources and try to be clever with sustainability practices.  Making claims that the building will be ‘creating more space for people to breathe’ by building up rather than out, does not classify this as a sustainable building.  I do appreciate the idea of urbanizing up rather than consuming masses of land, call me Berkeley-Damaged, but if investors such as Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem are spewing billions into a project, why not just be a real leader and make it a true ‘Green Building’?  Check out Nakheels sustainability PR message here.  And read about the company involved in the design, Woods Bagot.  It’s a cool building, but please correct me if I am wrong.

First Nobu Restaurant in Middle East

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December 9th, 2008

nobu 091208 01 400x300 First Nobu Restaurant in Middle East

Nobu have opened their first restaurant in the Middle East. The restaurant is located in Dubai’s Atlantis Resort on Palm Jumeirah, and was designed by Rockwell Group.  I just love the architecture that has been done for this place, if I am ever in Dubai, I am definitely going there!

400 Floor Skyscraper to be built in Dubai

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October 20th, 2008

dubai city tower show 213x300 400 Floor Skyscraper to be built in Dubaidubai city tower pic 214x300 400 Floor Skyscraper to be built in Dubai

It’s kind of hard to ignore all these construction plans that are about to make Dubai the most touristy place on earth.  There are plans at the moment to build a 1.55 mile skyscraper called “Dubai City Tower“. If this thing does get finished it will truly be an achievement.  The best thing about it is it is environmentally friendly. Some of the building’s electricity will be provided by its wind energy collecting turbines on its roof.  Read more about the Dubai City Tower here…

Philip Bloom – Glass Insomnia

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August 20th, 2008

Amazing work by Philip Bloom, some extraordinary shots taken through this two and a half minute film of Dubai.  Do check it out!

Revolving Tower of Dubai

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July 22nd, 2008

004 dubai tm Revolving Tower of Dubai

Luxury apartments of Dubai have reached a new level of architectural innovation. Every floor independent of the rest, joined at the core powered by wind turbines is self sufficient in electricity. The building continually change shape as each floor slowly revolves.

The Dynamic Tower of Dubai are projected for 2010 costing about $700m.

0 Revolving Tower of Dubai