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Visual Art by the Human Body

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September 13th, 2010

pic04041 500x400 Visual Art by the Human Body
In an attempt to trace the artist that composed these images that popped up in my inbox in a chain e-mail, I have failed miserably only to find this meager link that contains no information on the artist and/or where they came from. [ Continue Reading ]

Ben Thomas

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December 20th, 2009

Ben Thomas 566x400 Ben Thomas

His likes include short ruffled skirts (not on him) and Barack Obama. His dislikes include hangovers and people who don’t answer emails…. I suppose it doesn’t matter what his likes and dislikes are as long as Ben Thomas still pumps out the awesome digital photography.

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Holger Pooten

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November 13th, 2009

Pooten09.05.11.1 536x400 Holger PootenLondon based Photographer Holger Pooten apparently was reading my autobiography when he was creating this amazing photo!  Represented by Horton-Stephens in the UK, Pooten uses his keen eye for detail and suspended animation to create eye-opening images such as this one.  Unlike your regular digital photography, these images have an almost tangible effect.  It is almost as if the photo, with its sharp edges and corners, appear as real life happening right if front of your eyes.  Take a look at these.. [ Continue Reading ]