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The tree of knowledge

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November 19th, 2009

treebook1 The tree of knowledgeIf you love things that are a little different and want something special for a room in your home. [ Continue Reading ]

Thom Kerr does it all

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September 11th, 2009

0040 585x388 Thom Kerr does it all

Thom Kerr lives in a world of bee-you-ti-full people (I really felt the need to emphasize beautiful).  His photographs are even that much more scrumptious. [ Continue Reading ]

An ode to you, David Koma, you rhyme with ‘mesothelioma’

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April 17th, 2009

n1205711102 30348935 905 An ode to you, David Koma, you rhyme with mesothelioma

Aw, I think the model is lonely. Let’s sing along with her: “I’m a little teapot, short and stout! This is my handle, this is my spout.” No, sweetie, the teapot only has one handle…put one arm in the “walk like an Egyptian pose.”
[ Continue Reading ]