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Jon (Kick-Ass) Malkemus

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September 1st, 2009

test o 585x329 Jon (Kick Ass) MalkemusThis guy is doing it well.  Jon Malkemus is a design artist with talents in motion design, art direction, and interaction.  Check out his website, it’s full of awesome advert pitches for tons of companies like Nike, Kawasaki, FWA, and HTC Touch to name a few.  He also has some sweet motion videos on Vimeo, I posted one here…. [ Continue Reading ]

Calling all Food Can Enthusiasts!

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August 18th, 2009

canstruction Calling all Food Can Enthusiasts!

Canstruction is coming to New Jersey — October 2009!

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Chia Pets, you just got OWNED

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August 13th, 2009

domsai 266x400 Chia Pets, you just got OWNED

Move over Chia, you’re just a loser now and no one wants you. Why? Because you’ve been replaced by much cooler things, and not even your new Obama pet can save you. The redonculously expensive decorative pieces are the product of Matteo Cibic‘s imagination and cost almost a thousand dollars. Well, the white ones cost 100 Euro, but not the one that I like! And while I can easily think of a number of other plants whose bypoducts cost [slightly] less but deliver much more of a punch, I really want one of these. Matteo…can I have one? I like the one with the gold pants. I’m making my sexy face right now…you can’t resist me. [ Continue Reading ]

G.V.G.V., you make my heart beat faster

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August 11th, 2009

gvgv s09 runway collage 585x286 G.V.G.V., you make my heart beat faster

Behold G.V.G.V.‘s Spring/Summer ’09 collection. Yes, I know that Spring ’09 is a ways past, and that Summer ’09 is soon drawing to a close, but seeing as how it’s only available in Japan and select stores in the US and Korea, the chances of you getting your hands on one of these items is slim to none. Plus, if you’re like me, you wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway, so man up and dry your tears, and hope that H&M will come out with some like pieces soon.  [ Continue Reading ]

Noose Light- Not Exactly the Best Christmas Gift, But Still Cool

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July 25th, 2009

noose light by ana maria pasescu stewart squ noose installation 1 400x400 Noose Light  Not Exactly the Best Christmas Gift, But Still CoolProduct and Furniture designer Ana-Maria Pasescu Stewart has constructed a light source that isn’t so traditional.  A noose.  At one time the noose was [ Continue Reading ]


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May 19th, 2009

voorn 5 533x400 Herbarium

Thomas Voorn‘s concepts, specifically those featured in his Fashion Herbarium In Practice (Coming Home Series Part 3 for Spring/Summer 2009), explore the boundaries of taste and beauty, masculinity and femininity.

As a child, he intentionally purchased ugly fabrics, which he came to love with time. That relationship is responsible for his  fascination with a “new sense of beauty,”  and a new definition for the term
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Now You See My Desktop… And Now You Don’t

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May 4th, 2009

007 533x400 Now You See My Desktop... And Now You Dont

OMG… Who the hell stole my flippin’ Twilight background image? What kind of tech-savvy magician has taken from me the pasty delight that is Edward Cullen’s hunky face? In my eyes, it’s plain thievery; but to you guys out there, it’s sheer cyber-creativity: Transparent computer wallpaper.

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Roberto Grosso-Photographer by Day, Digital Artist by Night

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March 17th, 2009

roberto grosso artwork5 282x400 Roberto Grosso Photographer by Day, Digital Artist by Night

Robert Grosso is a London based digital artist.  He does some really cool things, taking his photography and adding digital and graphic designs to them, making for some awesome and fluid images.

Rachel Griffin “Wear and Repair” Series

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January 9th, 2009

01 Rachel Griffin “Wear and Repair” Series

Human beings are drunk, clumsy creatures. We break things, drop them and generally mistreat them (your mom was right to tell you you couldn’t have that hamster). Dutch designer Rachel Griffin‘s Wear and Repair series is designed to take You out of the equation

02 Rachel Griffin “Wear and Repair” Series

“The Wear and Repair series is made from tape; a colloquial, fix-everything
material used for repair. As the objects wear out, they can be fixed with the same material they are made of; in this way wear is an integrated part of the design.”

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