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Ghepardo: The Real Hybrid Car

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November 9th, 2009

ghepardosema 02 585x388 Ghepardo: The Real Hybrid Car

SEMA, which for those of you not in the know is a car convention aimed at tuners and customizers, recently unveiled the Ghepardo, a kind of amber Frankenstein with the body of a 2002 Camaro and the brain of a 2002 Corvette. It’s a beautiful little vehicle, like something Optimus Prime would keep around as an under-qualified, underdressed secretary, until you open it up and climb inside, at which point the interior is revealed as an aesthetic nightmare and the Transformers simile becomes astoundingly dirty. [ Continue Reading ]

Galibier 16C by Bugatti

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September 21st, 2009

bug 1 600x401 585x390 Galibier 16C by BugattiLeave it to ultra luxury and sport car icon Bugatti to create a car that raises the bar above its own master piece, the much talked about multi-million dollar Veyron.  This latest feat of true art and form is called the Galibier, and no you’re not crazy( or maybe you are, I don’t know) but that very shiny surface you see is polished aluminum casings over the cars 4-doors and front fenders, matched with dark blue carbon fibre weave on the the remainder of the beast.  See more pics and a video… [ Continue Reading ]