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I get DOE

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January 26th, 2010

doe art nice 370x400 I get DOEIts very seldom that artists are known more for other peoples work more than their own. But it the case of the infamous (or does Notorious sound cooler?) DOE, that is the case. In the comic world this shadowy character from Toronto is known for

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Cyanide Cigarettes and Slippery Sidewalks

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January 19th, 2010

hm12 full Cyanide Cigarettes and Slippery SidewalksGritty like the sludge collecting behind a manhole in a city where the sun never seems to break from the grime. Where everything is bleak and the buildings are towers piercing the sky. Dark and twisted with a vibe from the twenties lingering on. There are so many sights that seem like madness melting through the concrete of social sanity. Lazy eyes squinted in cigarette smoke. The corner stone of what a metropolis is on the very inside. This is the maddening world of Bill Sienkiewicz and you should only delve in if you’re not such a sensitive pussy. [ Continue Reading ]

Will Murai, I Love You

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November 21st, 2009

will murrai 4 532x400 Will Murai, I Love You

Being the nerd girl that I am,  I can safely say that most like me would kill to have a super hero designed in their likeness, especially by an artist as particularly awesome as Will Murai. The Brazilian illustrator / comic book colorist has worked for the likes of DC Comics and Marvel Comics… Oh yeah and some magazines too.

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The Complicated Cartoonist

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September 7th, 2009

em1 315x400 The Complicated Cartoonist

My first glance at these Evan Meister illustrations, I was initially struck with a cartoony, Saturday morning Smurfs and Snorkels kind of feeling.  Upon further speculation, I realized the lightness of color had fooled me and it was intestines, blood, and guts I was witnessing. [ Continue Reading ]

Something To Make You Crack A Smile

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August 4th, 2009

wokeup Something To Make You Crack A Smile

For those days when you wake up with “the worst combover”, you can always turn to the geniuses at Cyanide & Happiness to make you laugh. [ Continue Reading ]