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Street Art + Stop-Motion Animation= Awesome Combo

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April 16th, 2010

combo 02 585x323 Street Art + Stop Motion Animation= Awesome Combo

It’s no secret that any form of art worth existing should (and in most cases would) take a lot of time and effort to be created. Brace yourselves however, for here I have for you a special treat: the perfect combination between Street Art and Stop-Motion Combo. [ Continue Reading ]

Humongous Mural – It’s Not Just The Side of a Building Anymore

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Amber El
October 2nd, 2009

blu1 Humongous Mural   Its Not Just The Side of a Building Anymore

Blu, a street artist, has painted a ginormous (this word is actually in Merriam Webster’s online dictionary!) mural at Deitch Studios in Long Island, New York. His previous work includes “Combo” an extremely timely and labored endeavor into “graffiti animation.”

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