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Tim Hamilton Scarf Hood with Pockets

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December 24th, 2008

There’s a point us creative types sometimes reach wherein we are simply bored by our own genius and are tempted to see what it is our talents will allow us to get away with; this is the impetus behind your favorite band releasing a crappy, concept album or your favorite comedic actor branching out into “more serious” pieces. Perhaps menswear designer Tim Hamilton has hit that point.

tim hamilton scarf front Tim Hamilton Scarf Hood with Pockets

The former J.Crew menswear designer debuted his eponymous clothing line in 2006 with a virile collection of men’s apparel inspired by among others his own father, a man Hamilton described as a “World War II vet who worked construction and dressed up his faded Wranglers with houndstooth blazers, turtlenecks, and Red Wing boots.” Judging from the above photo he is now drawing inspiration from his glue-huffing cousin Shelby, best described as “a little touched in the head and not someone to be trusted with small animals, children or matches.”