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Heatherwick Studio Crafting An Awesome Future

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May 11th, 2010

guysapproaches 1 1023x841 486x400 Heatherwick Studio Crafting An Awesome FutureNow this is just the kind of stuff that really brightens up any day. The wonderful minds at Heatherwick Studios are just phenomenal crusaders leading the charge towards a very unique and vibrantly curious future. [ Continue Reading ]

Evan Hecox Takes You Places

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April 5th, 2010

curated hecox tokyo Evan Hecox Takes You PlacesEvan Hecox has some really appealing designs. They come off as simple but Jesus-Tap-Dancing-Christ do they leave you in a relaxing sense of awe. These are the type of things that just make you appreciate the world and all the everyday wonders that make it a colourful place to be. He kind of finds the bare stuff of it all. The emotions of the buildings and streets and the people that craft and live among them. I don’t think anymore needs to be said. Check some more of his stuff after the jump. [ Continue Reading ]

Wildlife Takes Over the Streets

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December 3rd, 2009

Island09 559x400 Wildlife Takes Over the Streets

Josh Keyes does not depict wildlife in their everyday settings against the backdrop of a bountiful forest or a ravenous stream.  Instead, these paintings bring us up to speed with a post-apocalyptic view of the world. [ Continue Reading ]

Where’s the Nearest Truck Stop?

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October 1st, 2009

Kevin Cyr 4 501x400 Wheres the Nearest Truck Stop?

Most New Yorkers can appreciate a portrait of something they encounter everyday. Particularly when the portrait presents the subject in a much more vibrant and appealing way than they normally perceive it. Hmm…that was more confusing than I intended it to be…

[ Continue Reading ]

Inspiration from the rubble

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January 16th, 2009

2017501091 bibliotecailhavo 336 585x389 Inspiration from the rubble


Ilavho, Portugal is the site of a new library that literally rose from the ruins.  Once a noble house, the site had been all but demolished.  The main facade and chapel were the only parts remaining, and thus became the anchors of influence for architects Jose and Nuno Mateus of ARX PORTUGAL architechtural firm.  Check out this stunning building at: