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Introducing… AFantasticNightmare

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April 28th, 2009

You can call me Eddy… and Eddy, when you call me, you can caaaallll meeeee aaallll… anyway… 

Call me whatever you like, though most call me Chris. I call my blog A Fantastic Nightmare. New York City is my home that I share with my husband and two cats. I’m pretty voyeuristic and Manhattan is a hotbed for noticeable things. For instance, I have front row seats to my next door neighbor’s bedroom window. It’s tinted by a sheer beige satin curtain, but otherwise it’s a breath-taking, panoramic view of the old man’s world. Not too much to report on as of yet,  but from the looks of our middle-aged protagonist, he’s going to be deep-sea diving in another 3,000 page novel about history or the law! Then, he’ll take off his glasses, furiously rub his eyes, and switch off the lamp. Good stuff!

Note: I’m still trying to figure out if I like Paul Simon, or do I just like the music video he made with Chevy Chase… still baffled by this.