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Chia Pets, you just got OWNED

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August 13th, 2009

domsai 266x400 Chia Pets, you just got OWNED

Move over Chia, you’re just a loser now and no one wants you. Why? Because you’ve been replaced by much cooler things, and not even your new Obama pet can save you. The redonculously expensive decorative pieces are the product of Matteo Cibic‘s imagination and cost almost a thousand dollars. Well, the white ones cost 100 Euro, but not the one that I like! And while I can easily think of a number of other plants whose bypoducts cost [slightly] less but deliver much more of a punch, I really want one of these. Matteo…can I have one? I like the one with the gold pants. I’m making my sexy face right now…you can’t resist me. [ Continue Reading ]